Work From Home and Earn Rs.85 to Rs.200 for each correct answer

Work From Home and Earn Rs.85 to Rs.200 for each correct answer

An opportunity you can't miss.

The corona virus opened the world to the possibility of work from home part-time jobs which can be done online and many people happily accepted the new normal. Online jobs are on the rise. Especially online teaching jobs where many are throwing in their hats in order to earn a little while working from home. More importantly, because many more people found better-paying jobs through the internet, people are increasingly looking for more online jobs. The benefits, which include flexible schedules, ease of work, more free time, and good money for the side all contribute to the rise of online jobs from home.

Rise of part time jobs from home

The corona virus has disrupted normal life ever since it struck the world in 2019. Since then, many people have had their jobs being taken away or reduced. This has created a lot of unemployment all around the country.

Since industries, offices, and schools all around the world had to get back by leveraging the power of online jobs from home to get their chores done. Schools shifted to online teaching jobs and helped many students continue their education during this time. Thus, as all in-person meetings and classes were transferred onto conferencing applications like Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc, the rise of online teaching jobs had begun.

As people come online, they find a lot of the work can be outsourced to people working as freelancers. Firstly, they saw the benefits it would bring to the company. Secondly, they started talking about the benefits to freelancers. Finally, people started understanding the merits of this medium.

Over the lockdown, our country saw 4.1 million youth lose their jobs, according to a report from Economic Times. Moreover, studies from the ILO and the Asian Development Bank say that these job losses will continue to haunt the younger generation of our country, adding that the youth (15-24) will be more heavily impacted than adults who are 25 years and older. This is because of a decline in the number of new job postings from different companies. Additionally, almost three-quarters of all internships were subject to cancellation amid this lockdown.

In the initial days of the lockdown, our unemployment rates reached 24% according to Statista. This led to an increase in the demand for online jobs in India, with a sharp increase in online teaching jobs. Among the many online jobs available, one started to shine with the others – online tutoring jobs. More and more people opted for becoming an online tutor be it full-time or part-time during this corona outbreak period. We suddenly saw a huge demand for online teaching jobs in the market. It has so many benefits:

You get to work from home

Earn while you learn

Flexible work schedule

Open to everyone.

Part-time tutoring jobs for everyone!

Learning and teaching — these are those two factors that can’t stop in any conditions. Besides, they shouldn’t stop in any circumstance, no matter what. We are talking about the current time when we are facing this pandemic. A significant number of teachers are searching for Online tutoring jobs. Tutoring online is not only the safest but the most satisfactory job to do in these times.

Online teaching part time jobs are new comfortable these days. It allows both the student and the teacher to teach and learn irrespective of their geographical boundaries. Teaching is essential to people all over the world.


But, as the world is not so fair and legitimacy remains a question. We need to search for authorized and legitimate online tutoring sites in India. There are various sites that are verified and pay a decent amount of fee for tutoring in India. However, various websites charge the teachers before allowing them to teach. But there are several online tutoring part time jobs in India without any investment. These jobs are beneficial to a competent tutor.

Teaching is not an easy job, and one needs to have excellent explanations, skills, and patience. But at the same time, people who have conceptual knowledge with creativity can prove themselves, considerable teachers. There are excellent online tutoring part time jobs from home that one can do to earn money without investing money from their side.

Online education has seen a sharp rise in the recent decade. With many companies launching online education services, parents and students have accepted this new way of learning. This has led to an increase in the number of online teaching jobs available. The best part about these online tutoring jobs is that they can be availed by anyone:


Students are a rising force in the workplace and nothing offers the new generation more comfort than online jobs. While there is a huge demand for jobs in content writing and digital marketing, many are understanding the benefits of online teaching jobs too. If you are a student who was good in school and now wants to help others like you, then you can try to look for online teaching jobs. They are quickly growing in opportunities and pay well to their part-time workers. Interested? Then read on for more details on Chegg’s opportunity for online teaching jobs.


To women who choose not to become part of the full-time workforce, online teaching jobs present another great opportunity. There are several misconceptions in Indian minds about women pursuing jobs. Firstly, many people in India do not think housewives can seek full-time jobs. Secondly, they view the wife’s place as only in the house. And finally, they believe the man brings the money and the wife gets household chores done. However, these ancient traditions are now being challenged. Therefore, women are coming out of their houses and looking for online teaching jobs. Housewives passionate about earning for themselves are also looking for part-time work in the fields of cooking, writing, doing online tasks, event planning, online tutoring, etc.

Working Professionals

It is a big mistake to think that only people who are not working can do online jobs at home. The benefit of online teaching jobs attracts even those who have a full-paying job either private or government job. The desire to earn a little extra by working a few extra hours seems like a great deal for them and online tutoring jobs are the best deal for them. Today, they get to choose from a variety of subjects. They can choose whatever they want from engineering to basic math’s, literally everything!


The corona virus showed the strength of online education. Everyone from nursery to college was learning through their computers. This presented a huge boost to teachers who understood the power of the internet and online teaching jobs. Teachers all over the world started to hold private tuitions for their children via online platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Meet. This was a major shift and people started appreciating the ease of online education. Firstly, it has helped Edu-tech to take the frontline in deciding the future of online education. Secondly, teachers who are already working can also enroll themselves for online tutoring jobs and tutoring jobs in the same subject and get expertise in it. Therefore, why not look for opportunities where you can earn double income every month with just a little more effort.

If you are a teacher or are interested in looking for online teaching jobs, then Chegg India has a great opportunity for you. We here at Chegg hire independent freelancers for helping our students out. We have millions of student subscribers who regularly post subject-related questions on our Q&A (questions and answers) portal. Freelancers hired by us solve student doubts by answering these questions. Questions can be in any of the 20+ subjects on offer – Math, Applied Sciences, Engineering, etc.

What do you need for online tutoring part time jobs?

One does not need to have years of experience to qualify for online tutor jobs in India. You can still become a tutor even if you are a technical person. The only requirement is teaching skills. You should have good communication skills and the right soft skills to give attention to students. Along with an excellent subject knowledge that you choose to teach. For online tutoring jobs in India, all you need is a dedication to teach and to connect with students. This is one of the best ways to earn some extra money for students and those looking for a job on the side. You can consider them as online tutoring jobs for students as well as online tutoring jobs from home.

What are the factors that determine your income for online tutoring part time jobs?

Factors that directly determine your income as an online tutor are crucial.

Amount of time that you devote

Medium used

Comfortability with technology

Communication skills

Languages that you are comfortable teaching in

Number of students you can cater to at a time

Experience in teaching

Comfortability in teaching

Some subjective factors are also there to consider before committing a tutor. All these together measure up the income you will earn from the effort you put in even for India’s best online tutor jobs.

Benefits of online part-time work

Generally, when you seek a full-time job, there are compromises you have to make. These trade-offs often come at the cost of hobbies, time with loved ones, health, etc. The point is that full-time jobs are very time-consuming and exhausting.

But the same problems you face with such jobs turn into benefits through online teaching jobs at home. Some of them are:

No Time Restriction, work anytime!

Part-time workers get freedom in managing their daily activities. Since the work is given to you at the start of the day, you can complete that at any time and from anywhere. Keeping to the deadlines is easy when you can decide when you want to work and when you want to relax. Online teaching jobs in that way help you to make your own class schedule and increase your chances of productivity for the day. Online part-time work helps you manage your day better than full-time paying jobs.

Part-time work from Home

Working from home is always a luxury. This can be only topped if the work is part-time. This gives you the ability to manage your day according to you. If you have a full-paying job, then you can easily pick up a part-time online job in order to earn some extra money.

Work part time and enhance your Knowledge

Every activity you do improves your knowledge. Part-time jobs help in that way too. You enter different industries this way and learn more about them. More importantly, you meet some of the brightest minds in that field and work alongside them, which always boosts your skills. With online teaching jobs, you get the added benefit of teaching future leaders.

Strengthens your Resume (CV)

Companies appreciate people who take on different projects. It shows an organization the determination you bring as a candidate and your strive for success. This is another benefit of online jobs. When companies see additions of part-time online jobs on your resume, they will always ask questions about it. That is when you can boast about your desire to continue learning and how you invest time in improving your skills through projects like these.

Earn good side income, just by working part time

When you work, you always look forward to paydays. In online jobs, this payday is similar to your full-time job. While you work through the month, in the end, the company remits your salary to your accounts. The scheme is simple enough and one would never have any problem in managing the transactions. However, there are many online jobs that pay you based on the amount of work you do. This is a great incentive for many to do more work and earn more money. While the payments Chegg offers corresponds to the amount of effort put in, many of our subject experts end up earning between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 100,000 per month.

Probably the Best Online Tutoring Job part time job in India!

Nowadays the demand for online tutor jobs in India is increasing drastically. Students apart from studies are more considerate towards these kinds of online tutor jobs. They are aiming towards gaining prior experience in this practical world. This will not only help them polish their skills. But it will give them an edge over others. There are a plethora of opportunities that an individual can have. One needs to have proper knowledge of the subject.

Moreover, earning for the work done by you gives you a sense of confidence. Appreciation and problem-solving will be a booster for you. Therefore, there are plenty of job opportunities that several websites provide. For people wondering How can I become an online tutor in India? We have made a list of different online tutoring jobs in India which will help you to provide an insight into the online world.

Chegg India offers freelancers the opportunity to work part-time and grow their earnings. Here at Chegg India, we hire online tutors in the form of freelance subject experts. We entrust our freelance experts with the responsibility to provide quality answers to questions uploaded to our Q&A portal. Questions on the Chegg Q&A portal are uploaded by student subscribers from across the world. To become a freelance subject expert, one is free to choose from a list of 20+ subjects. For details on available subjects, please click here.

Chegg pays its experts for every correct answer contributed. The payment process works like a breeze. Payments for a particular month are directly transferred to the bank account of an expert by the 15th of the succeeding month. This way, you can become the controller of your own earnings. More the number of questions you answer, the higher your earning potential. It should not surprise you that we have more than 100,000 freelance experts associated with us.


What is the eligibility you may ask? Well, this opportunity is open to almost everyone, from retirees to housewives, from college students to UPSC aspirants, and even to working professionals. Age is no bar. As long as you are an Indian national, hold an Indian PAN and Bank account, have obtained a UG degree, or are about to get one, you can sign up today. It is absolutely free and does not come with any hidden charges.

I cannot end the conversation without writing about one of the best aspects i.e. the flexible nature of this job. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection and you are good to start. Your passion to teach students and help them learn is not bound by a 9 to 5 work schedule, then why should your earning potential be? With Chegg, you can choose your own working hours. We know you have an expertise in you that you carry every time and everywhere you go. Do you also have that kind of love for a subject? Or that hunger to earn money with less effort? Register today for this fulfilling online teaching job.

Final Thoughts

Online teaching jobs are on the rise around the world. It is the next big thing! Be it the comfort of working from home that you value or your passion to help students out, online teaching jobs offer it all. They are increasingly being recognized as one of the best part-time work from home.

So, why this wait? Chegg India is inviting you to become a Subject Expert and help students around the world ace their schools and colleges now. Your past experience and present expertise in the subject area will be a great boost for our student subscribers in helping them expand their knowledge. And the payment offered by Chegg India helps you be motivated to return to the Chegg portal and answer more questions!

Q- How much money do online teachers make?

ANSWER-  While working with Chegg India, an online teaching job, it makes you earn INR 30000 to 80000 per month. That is quite a good deal to be in.

Q- How do I get an online teaching job?

ANSWER- You can easily get an online tutoring job. You just need to be eligible for the position, you are applying for. Moreover, you need to have a good internet connection, along with a working laptop. The candidate needs to get himself/herself registered for the same. And once you clear all the tests, you can get an online teaching job.

Q- How can I teach online and get paid?

ANSWER- Firstly, you need to be eligible for the online teaching job. You need to get yourself registered for the same. Also, you have to enroll yourself in a subject that you are efficient in. After all verification and online tests, you can start teaching online. In Chegg India, a candidate is paid according to a per question answered by him/her.

Q- How can I start online teaching from home?

ANSWER-  To start an online teaching job from home, you need to register yourself on the portal. Once you are cleared with all kinds of verification and details. You are eligible for the job. You just need to have a good internet connection along with a working laptop.

Q- How do I teach online classes to live?

ANSWER- With the evident of online teaching jobs, you can get access to a number of websites and companies that provide such opportunities to people. You can stream live classes on any of the portals. You can also, upload recorded lectures to help students.


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